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Click here: for research into Thomas Harris' history, his birth in the Andrew Harris Family, Northbourne, Kent, England and migration to New England.

Click here: the New England Historic Genealogical Society completed an extensive research paper differentiating this Thomas Harris from several other individuals also named Thomas Harris residing in New England at the time.

Click here: to read The NEHGS Register Article,The Origins of Thomas Harris and William Harris of Providence, Rhode Island, by Helen Schatvet Ullmann and L. Randall Harris

Click here: to read a research paper "Thomas Harris II and his son Nicholas Harris and families" by Helen S. Ullmann

Click here: for additional research has extended the Harris line back several generations prior to Thomas Harris in Staplehurst, Kent.

Click here: Motivations for the ‘Great Migration’ to New England 1628-1640:the Case of the Hercules, March 1634/1635 a Dissertation by Diane Thomas 2012. This is a comprehensive study of the migration of Parnell Harris, sister to Thomas Harris I.

Click Here: for information on passengers on Hercules (1635) who joined up with John Lothrop in New England and settled in Scituate, MA. This included Parnell Harris.

Click Here: For more information on passengers on the Hercules (1635) and Connections to the "Men of Kent" in New England.



Jane Harris 1604

Parnell Harris 1606

Anne Harris 1608

William Harris 1610

Thomas Harris-Refer to His Page

Click here: to read article "The Hydes of England" and Susan Hyde, wife of William Harris is connected. 

Click here: Records of Jane and daughter Anne Harris living in Providence.


Click here: Read the research concerning Thomas I and his son Thomas II and his family. 


Click here: Read about the Andrew Harris siblings connection to Rev. John Lothrop's church in London in 1632. Jane, William and Thomas Harris are listed as members. 


Concerning "Elizabeth" the wife of Thomas Harris I, her origins and surname, verification of her origin and ancestry has been accomplished recently (2020). Previous by NEGHS failed to verify as seen at this link. There were various accounts claiming "Leatherland", "Cutter", or "Havens"  as her surname. Her surname is documented; no longer a conjecture made by Torry in his book. She migrated to New England at 17 with her older sister Ellen and brother William. Within 5 years she met and married Thomas Harris probably in Salem, MA.  

Click here: To read more about Interesting connections with Northbourne and other dissident preachers, sympathetic and prominent people.


Click here: to go to Thomas Harris' descendants Nathan and Rhoda Harris of Palmyra, New York and their family.


Click here: Research Notes and summaries: "Were the Harrises Quakers?" and Click here: For more notes concerning Rhoda Lapham and her extended family as Quakers. And Click here: Farmington Purchaser’s Family Connections to Rhoda Lapham Harris, Wife of Nathan


Click here: for Rufus Harris Family Histories


Click here: for Map of Windham Township in Wyoming County from 1869 

Click here: for Luzerne County vol 26, page 414, 4 January 1830 agreement to buy Sawmill in Mehophany

Click here: for transcript of agreement between William Carney and Emer Harris Luzerne County Deed Record Book, Vol 27: pages 346–347, Luzerne County Court Annex, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Click here: Windham Township Tax records listing Emer Harris and Click here: for record of purchase of 150 acres land in Luzerne Co. 1830

Click here: Warrantee Map Detail of Windham Township showing Lot 42. Emer eventually bought the lower half of this lot.



Two men standing next to a trunk in the grass.

Photo of chest with two of Emer's grandsons with False Bottom Trunk. 

Click for Story of the False Bottom Trunk

A box of food that is covered in dirt.

Job Harris Family Bible Located. (Job was Nephew of Emer and Martin Harris)

 Click for More about Job Harris Family Bible

A black and white picture of an old man.
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Click here:  Publications of the Rhode Island Historical Society, Vol. 4 Discussing Thomas Harris' Home Lot


Click here: for A Short History of Rhode Island


Click here: for the Annuls of the Town of Providence, 1832, Staples

A trail with many rocks on it