Luzerne County Deed Record Book, Vol 27: pages 346–347, Luzerne County Court Annex, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania


Agreement between William Carney and Emer Harris


Articles of an agreement made and indented this 10th day of august 1819 between William Carney of Windham Luzerne County and state of Penn of the one part & Emer Harris of the same place on the other part witnesseth that the said William on his part for and in consideration of three hundred and two dollars to be paid in three annual payments one hundred Dollars to be paid on or by the first day of June 1821 one hundred Dollars to be paid on or by the first day of June 1822 and one hundred and two dollars on or by the first of June 1823 hath granted bargained and sold his right of three eights of a certain saw mill now erecting on the land of Joseph Carney by the said Joseph Carney William Carney and Emer Harris to have and exercise all privileges of water for the use of said mill is secured to use the said W. is indenture to use by the said Joseph except that the grist mill owned by the said Carney shall always have what water is necessary for the use in preference to the s’d saw mill. The said Harris is to have the privilege of keeping open a slue between the main shore of the river and the island lying immediately above the mouth of the little Mehoopany Creek sufficient to bring in logs or take out lumber and also that the several payments which have been or shall be hereafter specified shall be received in lumber delivered at the mill at the market price or in money. The said Harris on his part agrees that he will pay the said William Carney in  addition to the three hundred and two dollars for all the labour which he has done or caused to be done since the first of January 1819 and also all that he may do in the course of the present year to the end thereof which shall be paid on or by the first of June next and for the true and faithful performance of these several payments to said Harris agree that the said Carney should hold the said three eights of said mill except the use thereof until the full payment of each and every of the above sums and on non performance of all or any of the above payments the mill is to be given up to the said Carney with the said privileges and the said Carney last agrees that on the full performance and payment of the above stated sum then the said Harris is to have the said mill or my share thereof free and clear from me my heirs or assigns forever to his own profit and use and benefit in testimony whereof we have herewith set our hands and seals day and date as above.


William Carney

Emer Harris


Done in presence of us  

Josiah Fossett    Jasper Fossett   



Consideration in the first page or in addition to the three hundred and two as done before signing


Personally came before me the subscriber one of the Justice of the Peace County William Carney and Emer Harris and acknowledged the agreement to be there own free act and deed for the purposes therein desired that it might be recorded as such Witness my hand and … of August 1819


Josiah Fossett    Justice of the Peace


Received in full for all demand for labour done on said mill for 1819 as mentioned in the within Article                   

William Carney


AD 1827 Received on the within one hundred and thirty four and fifty cents.

August 2, 1830   William Carney