Jane Harris

Christening: 23 DEC 1604 Northbourne, Kent, England (1)

Jane was the oldest daughter born to Andrew Harris and Jane Bagley. Other siblings were Parnell, Anne, William and Thomas Harris. Research shows a later connection to London for some of these siblings. William married Susannah Hyde in London. (4) Parnell makes claim to being from parish of Bow in London when enrolled at Sandwich as a passenger for New England on the Hercules.(5)

Migrated to New England prior to 1635.

Jane is found on notes taken by John Lothrop soon after settling in Scituate: "On 21 June 1635, “Jane Harrice” was admitted to Scituate church " (2)

It is almost certain Jane was also listed as a member of Rev. John Lothrop’s church earlier in London in 1632 when he was held in prison for being a dissenter preacher. In these records pertaining to that dissent church she is listed along with Thomas Harris and William Harris. (3)

In volume 1, page 323 of Burage, the prison experiences of Lathrop’s followers during these two years are summarized by him as follows:

John Ravenscroft

Widdow Harvey

Mary Atkin

Thomas Wilson


Humphrey Bernard (Barnet)

F. Wiffield

William -------

Thomas Harris

Jane Harris

Widdow White.

Ailce (Alice) Wincop

Elizabeth Wincop.

Rebecca Wincop

No further records are found for Jane in New England. Will for Parnell, William and Thomas make no mention of Jane.


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Some Films of Northbourne, Kent, England are available at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City Utah:

# 1752058, item 5
# 2354573 items 8-14
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