Rhoda's brother Thomas also moved from Rhode Island to Easton, NY

Rhoda Lapham Harrises brother Thomas Lapham 2Z3N-HCC moved to Easton, NY by 1790 where he was found on the Census for that year. He later moved to Cayuga County, NY by 1800.



Records of Easton & Saratoga Friends Meetinghouse Minutes include the following individuals who are related to Nathan and Rhoda Lapham Harris.

David Lapham (K885-BD2)* produced a certificate in 1778 from Smithfield. He was son of Joshua Lapham (LC5G-XK3). Joshua was the son of John Lapham (LCVC-FMB). A third cousin of Rhoda

Abraham Lapham (L415-D2H) in 1799 was received by certificate from East Hoosock (Dartmouth, MA). His father was Joshua Lapham and was a brother to David Lapham. A third cousin of Rhoda. He eventually moved to Palmyra area and was a prominent leader in the Society of Friends.

Benjamin Lapham (LZWP-37S) was the son of John Lapham (LCVC-FMB). He had been a member of the Smithfield Monthly Meeting in 1781 and along with his second wife Mary were granted a certificate with children Abigail & Ruth in 1785. A second cousin of Rhoda

Rhoda Lapham was daughter of Soloman (lLC5Z-794), of Gloucester, Providence, RI, son of Nicholas Lapham (LZVZ-T2N), who was a brother of John Lapham (LCVC-FMB). Her records do not appear in Easton's Members Meetings since she was disowned previously by marrying outside the faith to Nathan Harris.

Later Noah Lapham (LCTV-SS6) was received by certificate from Dartmouth, MA in 1794. His wife Rachel (LGTV-SW5 ) was granted a certificate at Easton in 1796. Noah was son of Nicholas Lapham (LC56-VB4) of Dartmouth, MA, who was son of Nicholas Lapham (LZVZ-T2N) of Dartmouth, MA. And therefore a first cousin of Rhoda.

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Note: Thomas Lapham, Duty Lapham (went to Eaton, NY), Elisha & Rebecca Brown and Ruth ? all moved away from Rhode Island and migrated westward.+

+Soloman Lapham (father of Rhoda) will (Glocester Probate Recs., 3:44)

names his wife, Silvia,

his three sons, Thomas, William, Duty (Zadock died in 1769)

three daughters, and three sons-in-law. Rebecca (Elisha Brown), Rhoda (Nathan Harris), Ruth (spouse unknown)

The Lapham Account* states that all the children of Solomon Lapham "moved into the country except William." This probably means that they went west to New York State.

*Thayer Memorial, p. 485; Lapham Mss.)