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Direct Harris Line

13 Generations of Harris'

Leonard Randall Harris 1951 Idaho Falls, Idaho

Donald Kent Harris 1925 Sugar City, Idaho

James Alma Harris 1883 Benson, Utah

William Emer Harris 1854 Ogden, Utah

Alma Harris 1832 Brownhelm, Ohio

Emer Harris 1781 Cambridge, New York

Nathan Harris 1758 Providence, Rhode Island

Preserved Harris 1715 Smithfield, Rhode Island

Richard Harris 1668 Providence, Rhode Island

Thomas Harris Jr. 1641 Providence, Rhode Island

Thomas Harris Sr. 1613 Northbourne, Kent, England

Andrew Harris About 1585 Staplehurst, Kent, England

Henry Harris About 1563 Staplehurst, Kent, England

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Recent discoveries tracing our ancestory to Northbourne, Kent, England in the early 17th century have opened up new prospects for research and the potential of connecting more generations to generations.





The Will of Andrew Harris of Northbourne, May 24th, 1616

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