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Andrew Harris

The Andrew Harris Family lived in Northbourne, Kent, England

(3 miles west of Deal)

Father: Andrew Harris

Birth: About 1585 (His birth records are not found in this Parish)

Married: 2 FEB 1603 2

Died: After 24 MAY 1616 and before 2 NOV 1616 (see will below)

Mother: Jane Bagley

Birth: About 1581 Northbourne, Kent, England

Death: about 1676 in Providence, Rhode Island (2) (8)Anne Harris History


Five children were born, as recorded at the Parish Church:

Jane Harris

Christening: 23 DEC 1604 Northbourne, Kent, England 3

Death: after 22 June 1635 LScituate, MA


Parnell Harris

Christening: 3 AUG 1606 Northbourne, Kent, England 4

Migrated to New England and married Thomas Roberts

Death: Between "the beginning of April 1676"

[PrTR @:149] and 4 August 1676 [PrTR @:150].)(Providence)

Anne Harris

Christening: 29 MAY 1608 Northbourne, Kent, England 5

Death: after 1688 in Providence, Rhode Island (8)

William Harris

Christening: 9 DEC 1610 Northbourne, Kent, England 6

Married: Susannah Hyde of London

Migrated to New England by 1635.

Helped found Providence Rhode Island with Roger Williams

Death: before 2 DEC 1681 London, London, England

Thomas Harris

Christening: 11 JUL 1613 Northbourne, Kent, England 7

Married: Elizabeth (surname unknown)

Migrated to New England by 1635.

Helped found Providence Rhode Island with Roger Williams and brother William.

Death: before 22 JUL 1686 Providence, Providence, Rhode Island


Andrew Harris died in 1616 (estimated age 36) leaving his five small children ages 3 to 12. Through his will we learn of his death and find he left all to his wife Jane including the future prospects of a 50% share in a joint venture made with Mathew Hoolye (Hoile) in which she would share equally in the profit or loss of the venture. Mathew Hoile was most likely a local resident. There are a number of Hoile families listed on Tithes Record from the mid 1800’s in Northbourne. There is no Parish record of Andrew’s burial.


Will of Andrew Harris of Northbourne 1616  

Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury (CKS: PRC17/55/335)

May 24th 1616

In the name of god Amen I Andrew Harris of the parrish of Norborne in the County of Kent wheelewright beinge

sicke in bodye but well and perfecte in mynd doe ordeyne this my last will and testament

in mannor and forme as followeth, Imprimis I doe firste of all commend my soule to almighty

god my Creator and redeemer whoe gave yt [?] and my wordlye goods as followeth, I do here:

by make and Constitute in this my laste will Jane Harris my wyffe my lawfull executrix

gyvinge and bequeathinge unto her all my goodes moveable and  - unmoveable as ----ely

with current money in England nowe in the handes  of Mathew hoolye together with the

proffytt or gayne that the sayd Mathew shall make of the same [?] --- soe sone as he shall

convenientlye make, re par-e of the same and       [repare = reparation??]

if by c—s-allye or misfortune the sayd Mathew or the goods shall mis-arrye either in parte  [miscarrye?]

or in whole then my will ys that Jane my wyffe shall equally beare her parte in the

losse, alsoe I give unto Jane my wyffe one horse couler baye price 37 [could be shillings or pence] now in the

handes of Mathew hoolye so that my wife paye for the pasture of the horse  The rest of

my wordlye goodes in the possession of Jane my wyffe I freely give and bequeathe

unto her to dispose of at her will and pleasure and to this my laste will and testament I have sett my marke the day and

yeare above writte. Wittnesses to this my will Robert Sutton -–ster of Balymondes

Charles Bixbie churchwarden, Frances danyer[?] the marke of Mathew hoolye

the marke of Nicholas Chi---

probatum [this is the probate clause written in Latin and basically says that probate of the last will of Andrew Harris of Norbourne was given on the second day of the month of November in the year 1616 to the executor Jane Harris.  George Newman legume who is mentioned must be the judge or legal person who granted probate on behalf of the court.]

Editors Note: Matthew Hoolye or Haule is likely Matthew Haul 1585-1639 from Wye, Kent who married Elizabeth Roades 1580-1639. She was baptized in Sandwich, Kent very near Northbourne and would have known Andrew's wife and had dealings with him being the wheelwright.. They were married 1609 at St. Margaret's in Canterbury, Kent. This Matthew Hall can be found on FamilySearchLXM6-D24.


Early Parish Records of Northbourne, Kent, England (1)


For additional family history go to the Harris Family in Northbourne Page


(1) Information was researched by two individuals in two separate locations:.

Original manuscripts at the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies, Canterbury Kent, England, Church of England,  Parish Church of Northbourne,

Parish registers (ref U3/74) start 1586 

Bishops’ Transcripts (ref Dcb/ BT1/173) start 1603

Archdeacons’ Transcripts (ref Dca/BT/136) start 1563 and have gaps as follows: 1565/6, 1567/8, 1579/80, 1581/2, 1594/5, 1606/7, 1629/30, 1640/41 to 1660/61 inclusive


Church of England. Parish Church of Northbourne (Kent), (Main Author)

Manuscript/On Film

Salt Lake City, Utah : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1988

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Parish registers for Northbourne

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Parish register transcripts, 1563-1664

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Archdeacon's transcripts, 1563-1812; Bishop's transcripts, 1603-1916

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Archdeacon's transcripts, 1563-1812; Bishop's transcripts, 1603-1916


(7) Jane Sears (widow) signed 1640 compact (in 1641) in Providence and was given a building lot. See Wikipedia article on "Lists of Early Settlers of Rhode Island" and "The Home Lots of the Early Settlers of the Providence Plantations".

(8) See list showing Jane Sears on Providence Town Records


Andrew Harris & Jane Bagley Married the Seconde of February 1603


Jane the daughter of Andrew Harris Baptized 23 day of December 1604


Parnell the daughter of Andrew Harris Baptized the third day of August 1606


Ann the daughter of Andrew Harris Baptized 29 day of May 1608

William the son of Andrew Harris Baptized the 9th day of December 1610


Thomas the son of Andrew Harris Baptized the 11th day of July 1613


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