Welcome to a Harris Family History Collection Research of a Harris Ancestral Line with origins in Kent County, England

From Northbourne, Kent, my early ancestor Thomas Harris and his brother William journeyed by pilgrim ship (c.1635) landing in Massachusetts Bay eager to start anew.  Later joined by his siblings and widowed mother they gathered with Roger Williams in Providence Plantation, helping to settle what is now Rhode Island. From there a rich history unfolds of generations caught up in the formation of a new country, seeking to be free from oppressive traditions in England.  Generations of Harris' have followed, participants in building a new nation. Some Harris descendants migrated to the far reaches of the western frontiers, New York, Ohio, Illinois and then onward to Utah, Idaho and California, all have been the homes of my Harris lineage. This ancestral record dates back to the early 1500s in Staplehurst, Kent, England. Over 500 years and 14 generations of family history are now known.  This collection also focuses on Nathan Harris (great grandson of Thomas Harris) and his wife Rhoda Lapham, whose family migrated to Palmyra, NY in 1793. Many of their children and descendants joined the Mormon Migration westward to Utah in the mid 1850s.

A poster of the hayes family history
A handwritten letter from the duke of somerset to his wife.

Thomas Harris Signature

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Thomas Harris was baptized 11 JUL 1613 at St. Augustine's Parish in Northbourne, Kent, England

This Collection includes research correcting long-standing errors by early historians concerning Thomas Harris b. 1613 and his family.