Isaac Chaapel was born February 28, 1761 at Standisfield in Berkshire county. He entered the American army at the age of 15 and served seven years. From the battle of Bunker Hill, where he was in the ranks, till the close of the war, it was his good fortune never to have been wounded, although he endured many privations from exposure and hunger. He married Tamasin Wilcox, with whom and their four children, he removed in March, 1800 to Towanda, where he built a log house on the bank of the run near the site of the present Episcopal church. Here he remained two years then located in LeRoy on what is known as the Chauncey Chaapel farm, where he died May 1, 1817. In 1804 Mr. Chaapel was commissioned a justice of the peace for Burlington and was a member of the first grand jury (1813) in the county. He also filled various other local offices. His wife, born April 2, 1764, died May 22, 1833. Both together with many of their descendants are buried in the cemetery at LeRoy. Their children were:

Buckley, born February 10, 1784, married Betsey Bowman of Towanda, died September 1, 1837.

Laura married a Mr. Rockerfeller.

Parma married Emer Harris, a Mormon.

Tacy married Alvah Kellogg.

Harriet married Horace Spalding of Canton.

Chauncey married Lura (Crofut) Wooster and had children who married as follows:

Hannah C. to Addison Brigham; John R. to Ann Holcomb; Frank B. to Mahala Wheeland; Harriet to Anson B. Carney; Charles P. to Susie Claflin.

Ledyard married Celestia Holcomb and was the father of Laura, Jay, Hoyt, Helen and Burr.

John went to sea and was never afterwards heard of.

Isaac died unmarried in Wisconsin.

Fanny married Robert Claflin.

Mary married Harvey Kellogg.

Delight married Benjamin Holcomb. 1