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Family history information for descendents of

Thomas Harris of Providence, R. I. (circa 1637)


Parish records give the birthplace of Thomas Harris and his 4 siblings born to

Andrew and Jane Harris in Northbourne, Kent County, England. 

Thomas Harris arrived in New England in the mid 1630s and with his brother William Harris

and helped Roger Williams settle Providence, R. I. 

For generations descendants have searched for the origins of these Harris'. Untold hours have been spent and many false assumptions made. The New England Historic Genealogical Society recently completed an extensive research paper differentiating this Thomas Harris (born 11 July 1613 at Northbourne, Kent County England and died at Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island, after 3 June 1686, from several other individuals named Thomas Harris who resided in New England during this same time period.

Click here to: Read the New England Historic Genealogical Society recently completed research paper

Northbourne is located a few miles inland from the old port towns of Sandwich and Deal, Kent, England
Northbourne Parish Church where Thomas and his brother William and sisters Jane, Parnel and Ann were baptized in the early 1600s.

Northbourne is a small village, not much larger than 400 years ago when Andrew and Jane lived there with their 5 children.

Northbourne Parish Church and surrounding cemetery.

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Northbourne Information

Country roads converge near St. Augustine's church which sits atop a hill above one main street appropriately called "The Street". Several old homes and farms are situated along these few streets. The Hare and Hounds Pub sits below the church.

 Northbourne occupies an historic site on low hills overlooking the Strait of Dover. St. Augustine's Church was founded in 640 AD. The present structure dates from the 12th century. Inside the church is the tomb of Sir Edwin Sandys (died 1629). Sir Edwin was the treasurer of the Virginia Company and is famous for drawing up the constitution of the American state of Virginia. This established the principle that people should be governed and taxed by their own consent through an elected assembly.

Sir Edwin Sandys lived at Northbourne Court. This great house incorporated the remains of a farm and chapel which were known as Northbourne Abbey. In 1750 the house burned down and was sold off for building materials. However the servants-quarters escaped destruction and were modified in 1895 to create the present Northbourne Court. The house is notable for the garden which has survived virtually unaltered from the Tudor period.


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